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Memorial for Ryder Montview Davis

It is with immense sadness we announce the passing of our beloved 10yr old Brittany, Ryder Montview Davis.

In 2012 we picked up our newest addition to the family from the amazing folks at Gabriel Mills. Ryder quickly became a centerpiece of our family, as a loving, devoted, well-behaved and energetic companion. Ryder was an incredible athlete, very intelligent, easy-to-train, and immensely loyal and playful. The perfect family dog for our family.

He became our running partner, sometimes going on 8-10 miles runs with his parents, easily recognized by the neighborhood each time people saw the three of us. He loved the water, whether swimming in the pool or hopping a ride on the boat, to feel the wind in his face. He loved playing fetch with his tennis balls or tug of war with his rope. He loved running through both of our boy’s football practices and playing with the kids. He would chase squirrels, for hours. He would spot and point at fish in the lake. He loved car rides, belly rubs, and anytime the leash came out. But most of all, he loved our family. We will miss having him follow us around the house, watch us from his perch on the steps, drop a ball or rope at our feet to play. He was our good boy and always will be. Rest In Peace, our Good Boy.

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